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GOLD CENTER Shopping Center Fier (ish-QTU-Fier) is the only trading centers with such size, the largest for the entire southern Albania, which started its activity on 23 December 2007.

Has a strategic location-mind brand to south axis is fixed after artery where crucify all his. In this way it is visited by many visitors who come from the southern districts. Center is a three storey building with a total area of 8,230 m2.

Its hinterland operate 30 stores, of which mention Supermarket Big Market, Electrical Neptune, LC Waikiki, Ellis Design, Buffalo shoes, IL Camino, Falomo, Lauma Lingerie, Krienko Jeans, Be You, Offers Group, Rebecca Fashion, Daily shop , Western Union, Flomar, Vodafone and many others. Fieri is the third municipality in the country for the development of the economy and the population of approximately 490,000 inhabitants.

The center is visited regularly by all age groups as it provides services and entertainment facilities for all. Average per day the number of people who attend the center itself is 1,500. Festive occasions that number doubled.

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